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  • Powerful, multi-purpose anti-bacterial
  • Controls bacteria and moulds
  • Heat stable, long acting
  • Safe, non-corrosive


  • iconPoultry
  • iconRabbits
  • iconCattle
  • iconPigs
  • iconOstrich
  • iconSheep


For treating animal feed and feed ingredients to selectively control pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria (such as Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter) whilst sparing beneficial bacteria so creating a more favourable microbial balance.

Salgard's long acting effect helps ensure clean feeds remain free from recontamination


  • Cost effective microbial control
  • Preserves feed quality
  • Prevents re-contamination of clean feed
  • Significant cost saving energy effect

Inclusion rates

1kg/tonne Routine microbial control (in conjunction with a hygiene control programme)
2kg/tonne Microbial control (normal feeds)
4kg/tonne Microbial control (sensitive feeds)
8kg/tonne Heavy contamination
12kg/tonne Decontamination of susceptible materials (Fishmeat, Meat and Bone Meal)


Powder 25kg bags
Liquid 25, 200, 1000 ltr containers

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